When you keenly look at the air in your house, you will notice that it is apparent, and you can’t detect any particles suspended in the air. This instils force confidence that your air is clean and you have acquired Right? By just looking at the surrounding air using your bare eyes, you will be convinced that the air is clean. However, there are hundreds of microscopic pollutants suspended in the air that can’t be seen by your naked eyes. If you take a microscope lens, you will be amazed. Air contains lots of contaminants that when inhaled leads to unexpected poor health and can develop to critical health issues.

All these contaminants pose a threat to individuals’ health as they get inhaled causing respiratory diseases and allergies. These contaminants have bacterial and viral compounds, which when inhaled makes the body prone to disease. Most individuals with allergic cases may be prone to asthma and other respiratory related diseases.

Inhaling dirty and unpurified air results to various health hazards. The unpurified air may cause an individual to experience immense coughing that is accompanied by severe chest pains. This is because the sori in lungs contract blocking the free flow of air, which results to coughing, a responsive technique of the lungs trying to remove the blocking particles. The coughing may also be as a result of bacterial infection from the contaminants.

Living in a clean and contaminated-free air has many benefits which include;

Reduced respiratory diseases cases– Clean air contains significant air compounds such as oxygen. If you stay in a healthy environment and breathing purified air, you will never suffer from respiratory tract infections and other related diseases.

Active mind– Air has different concentration of elements such as carbon (IV) oxide, oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor. If by any chance there is an imbalance in the composition of the elements, it poses a risk of to individual health. For instance, if you breathe air with the carbon (IV) oxide concentration being more than expected, you may have a retarded brain, and with time it may result in a serious health issue.

Healthy body– Dirty and contaminated air reduces the oxygen levels in the air. When an individual breathes air with few oxygen molecules, the body cells then fail to execute their functions effectively. The cells require a lot of oxygen, and if the required amount goes down, then they fail to perform effectively. Breathing in clean air guarantees that the oxygen levels are high and the cells get enough of it performing their various tasks and ensuring that the internal body mechanism is active.

Inhaling clean air matters as it defines your health and therefore, an individual should strive to ensure that the air in the room is clean, purified and no contaminants whatsoever can harm his health.